Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Video Montage of the saveJWST effort

This is a video compiled, produced and overall created not by a NASA graphics engineer or by a working member of the media. This was done by a concerned citizen who wants what the rest of us want: for the James Webb Space Telescope to fly. From the video's creator:

I want to go ahead and give permission here to any member of the Save the James Webb Telescope community to share, feature, or mirror this video on their own youtube channels, blogs, or websites [...] I have all the animation, script, and music credits listed in the description box of the video, along with links to sign the petition and how to contact Representatives - just be sure to copy and paste this information to give proper credit. Spread it 'round folks! - Ms. Mitchell

As always, Space Warriors, do not forget the 4 steps to saving JWST: 

   a) Sign the Petition
   b) Like the Facebook Page
   d) Spread the Word

Keep up the fight, Space warriors, 

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