How You Can Help!

Welcome to the saveJWST "How You Can Help!" page. Below you will find a list of links reaching out across the world wide web that will inform, educate, and, ultimately, empower you our fight to save the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). Take a moment and look around.

Learn about JWST 
Click image to navigate to has put together a spectacular resource about JWST. Learn about the background and challenges of the mission, the impacts of defunding JWST, and common myths about the mission. Also on the site are links to webinars, petitions, publications, and more!

Take Action!
The most important thing you can possibly do is to contact your representatives. Right now, we are waiting on word on when the next major vote will occur in the United States House of Representatives. So far, this does not quite concern the US Senate or the president YET (in the future it certainly may). Contacting all of your representatives, senators and representatives both, is a strong thing to do. However, contacting your representatives in the US House of Representatives FIRST would be the most prudent at this time. Don't know who your representatives are? Use the following link:
After you take care of that, the next thing to do is to show the world that you care about JWST by adding your name to the petition and by liking the facebook page. Also, on the facebook page, you can interact with others who feel the same as you do about getting the JWST to fly and ultimately exchange ideas about how to raise awareness. Those links are: