Thursday, July 21, 2011

The saveJWST 4X5 Challenge!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the United States, 
The James Webb Space Telescope is in trouble

In order to bring awareness to the issue of saving the James Webb Space Telescope, our partners over at have begun the 4X5 Challenge. 

The 4X5 Challenge is this: "Over the next 4 days, we challenge you to get 5 people to write, call, email or meet with their congressional representatives about saving the James Webb Space Telescope. Once you've got your 5 people to contact their reps, then drop by the facebook page and leave the following message: 
I'm a Stellar Person. I've got my 5!
We will keep a tally and randomly select two of you stellar people for a cosmically cool prize!

The challenge ends at 11:59pm EDT on Saturday July 23 2011. The winners will be announced on Sunday. Good luck! 

As always, Space Warriors, do not forget the 4 steps to saving JWST: 

   a) Sign the Petition
   b) Like the Facebook Page
   d) Spread the Word



  1. Congratulations to our two 4X5 CHALLENGE winners, Sjors de Groot and Kathleen Horner. THANK YOU to everyone who asked at least 5 of your buddies to contact Congress during the past 4 days. More SaveJWST giveaways coming soon!